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We are so lucky to have the best team of teachers here at Art Pop.
From jewelry-makers to watercolor artists, their backgrounds run a wide variety of experiences and techniques, making the Art Pop experience so interesting and unique.
Your kiddos are going to love working with this fun group of folks!

Our Team_Aylin.png

Aylin Cetik-Smith
Teacher, toddlers

Our Team_Kayla.png

Kayla Mateus
Teacher, Tween/Autism

Our Team_Sandy.png

Sandy Warshauer
Teacher, Adult/Toddler

Our Team_Tiffany.png

Tiffany Baillie

Our Team_Gracen.png

Gracen Viveiros
Front desk, Assistant

Our Team_Stacey.png

Stacey DaSilva

Our Team_Allison.png

Allison Faunce

Our Team_Mary Kate.png

Mary Kate Murphy

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