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Circular Knitting Workshop

Circular Knitting Workshop


Cozy Creations Await at Our Circular Knitting Workshop! Join us for a warm journey into the world of knitting, where we unravel the secrets of crafting your very own knitted hat. Perfect for both older children and adults, this workshop is designed to introduce you to the delightful art of circular knitting, blending therapeutic craft with fashionable flair. What You'll Learn: Foundational Skills: Dive into the basics of knitting, starting with how to cast on and knit in the round – essential techniques for creating seamless, cozy creations. Hat Knitting 101: Step-by-step, you'll learn to knit a basic yet beautiful hat, from the initial loop to the final snug fit. Personalize Your Project: Explore the colorful world of yarn as you design your own colorway, making your hat truly one-of-a-kind. Finishing Touches: Master the art of casting off and adding those final touches to your hat, ensuring a professional and polished look. Why Knitting? Knitting offers a serene escape, allowing you to weave peace and calm into every stitch. It's not just about the hats you'll create; it's about the moments of relaxation and the sense of achievement that comes with completing a project from start to finish. What You'll Take Home: Beyond the skills and techniques, you'll leave with a self-made hat that's not just a testament to your new-found knitting prowess but also a reflection of your personal style. Imagine the joy of sporting or gifting a hat that's been knitted with your own hands and heart!


About the Instructor:

Kat Knutsen is an artist based out of New Bedford, MA. She began knitting while she was in undergrad studying fine art at University of North Carolina at Asheville. She started a fashion line of handmade hats that can be found on instagram at @funwearfashion, $40 per person (+ $12 if student wants to purchase circular knitting needles)

About the Instructor Kat Knutsen is an artist based out of New Bedford, MA. She began crocheting when she was child as a way to relax and has included crocheting and knitting in her creative practice as ways to unwind and test out color palettes. Her textile artwork can be found on her website 

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